Vaz Sriharan - A Divine I AM Journey

Welcome Explorer,

I am incredibly passionate about sharing this beautiful healing system with you and here, a little about my journey so you can understand the nature of the Divine I AM Transmissions.


I have explored, trained in and experienced many modalities of healing over the years. I believe that to truly develop as a healer, it is important to be open to the many beautiful ways of healing that are emerging on the planet.


Beginning my journey with Reiki and soon becoming a Reiki Master, I have learned that every day is an evolution of healing. We are gifted during these times to be able to work in partnership with Spirit for the development and evolution of all.

Over the years, my passion for growth and healing has also emerged from an experience of 15 years of intense depression. It was a time of monumental challenges and difficulties, yet was the initiation I needed to focus entirely on personal healing. Eventually I emerged using a blend of spiritual, psychological and esoteric healing techniques. The journey itself allowed me to experiment, explore and experience a wide range of powerful healing systems.


It was deeper into this journey that I discovered that Spirit was asking me to bring forth my own unique model of healing, to bring a specific frequency and way of learning. Additionally that this system would be intuitive, yet structured and work in harmony with the planet.

The Divine I AM model of healing was channelled in 2012 during a spontaneous revelation in a healing session myself. The model was given in a powerful clear way and yet it would take me years to grasp it's powerful applications and benefits. I began working immediately in groups, learning as I went along and unpacking the extraordinary wisdom that was being offered. I soon realised that my passion for visiting power spots was part of a training procedure to work with the Divine I AM energies, and harness the energies from the planetary light grids. 

As well as this, I have a deep connection to the power portal of Mt Shasta, California and have been travelling there for nearly 20 years. The mountain has led to many revelations, most relevant here with the Lemurian connection and the planetary light grids [ Read More in Article section ].

The Divine I AM Transmissions are an intuitive form of healing, working in partnership with Spirit. There is a deep connection to the Lemurian civilisation with the Divine I AM due to its focus on the Heart. As such, the experience of these transmissions are accompanied with a pervading nurturing, feminine, accepting energy. And over time, I have been shown by the master guides who oversee the transmissions that the teaching of acceptance of the light & the dark is core to this frequency that is here on the planet.

If there is one thing I continue to learn as I work with Transmissions is that there is a new wisdom pervading the planet. It harbours the energy of Acceptance and Unity Consciousness. I have discovered that the light frequencies are ever-present in the healing space when we offer transmissions carry a frequency of radical loving acceptance. This has challenged my previous perceptions of what healing even is. And for me this is one of the wonders of working with Transmissions; they allow each individual to have a unique direct spiritual experience. My role has then become a guide, and for me this is true empowerment for those experiencing this healing. 

There is so much within you, waiting to emerge.

These Transmissions offer keys to unlock the Divine I AM within you...Let your Magic awaken.

Blessings on your journey.

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