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Welcome to this site. The Divine I AM Transmissions are a system of multidimensional healing channeled by Vaz Sriharan. This system works with the Planetary Light Grids, a crystalline grid that surrounds Mother Earth harnessing great cosmic loving light. When brought into a healing space, the energies initiate incredible spiritual transformation. They are an opportunity to move through cycles, patterns in a deeper, often more accelerated way, for these times. The Divine I AM Transmissions are in honour to this Great Shift, working in harmony with Source, Creation & All That Is. Explore more below and discover why so many are experiencing beautiful healing experiences.


What are Divine I AM Transmissions?

Transmissions for a New Time

Divine I AM Transmissions are a deeper form of healing. Transmissions allow us to work in a much more multidimensional way than traditional therapy or practices. Here, we are working with Consciousness, the Universe and the energies of Unconditional Love for the healing process itself.

These transmissions are essentially a 'transmission' of energy, frequency, vibration, light codes of this Unconditional Love - for the purpose of Healing, Alignment, Recalibration. The results are a deep Awakening of Inner Peace, Love, Wisdom and also the profound effects of shedding limiting beliefs, patterns, cycles. 

What makes Transmissions so powerful is that they offer us an opportunity to accelerate our growth during a time where our growth and development is seeking to let go of life-long programming. They work on many multidimensional levels - Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual - for an alignment. Here as we work with the Universe, we surrender to a greater force that can heal. Essentially you are healing yourself by coming into contact with yourself.

Yet, Transmissions are so much more. Whilst many come for Healing and Growth. Transmissions offer you the opportunity to massively strengthen your connection with Spirit. To awaken your Soul and birth many abilities within.


The Divine I AM Transmissions is a system uniquely channelled and designed by Vaz Sriharan and integrating many modalities for Personal & spiritual Transformation. The Divine I AM model works with Mother Earth, the Planetary Light Grids and your Soul Presence (Divine I AM Presence), for a holistic, grounded, connected healing. Yet, these are all words....everything is about the direct experience as this is where the empowerment is. 

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How can Transmissions help me?

It can help with

Benefits of Divine I AM Transmissions
Emotional Healing

Healing past traumas, blocked emotions, cyclical relationship patterns. Assisting with depression. Opening your Heart to Love.

Mental Healing

Reconditioning your Thoughts back to your natural Loving state. Assisting with Stress. Cleansing the mind & psyche.


Clearing your body of unwanted physical toxins. Supporting the vitality of your physical body.

Spiritual Connection

Awakening your Spiritual Senses & inherent multidimensional nature. Strengthening your connection to Spirit, your Guides & your Higher Self. Opening to Intuition.


Empowering you and building your self esteem, confidence, belief in your self.


Attract magic, synchronicity & miracles into your life by aligning to your True Self.

Experiencing a Transmission

Transmissions are mostly experienced laying down. During which the practitioner will be speaking or silently channelling the energies into the space (room). These energies move through the various bodies (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) and purify, cleanse, detoxify. As well as this, the energies work independently and uniquely with each soul, as each individual has a unique journey. Cyclical stories, blocks, karmic patterns, as well as thoughts & emotions that are not serving are released, relating to specific themes that are occurring to each soul. As well as this is the extraordinary spiritual feeling throughout of having a direct experience with the divine. For many these sessions have led to phenomenal shifts in awareness, growth, happiness, love, joy, spiritual connection, realisations, synchronicities and inner peace. Additionally there may not be anything consciously felt during the session. I work with the principle that everyone receives what they truly require on a soul level. I find the energies are asking us to fall in love with ourselves with whatever we're experiencing, and that this is the key to joy.​

The transmission is also designed to awaken gateways to access our own inner guidance, love, wisdom. For everything is truly within. 

You are a beautiful vessel of eternal light, on a journey of growth, awareness back to love. We have entered a new era of consciousness where our perception of healing, growth has transformed, and so has our ability to work with higher consciousness and energies.


"Words cannot describe how I felt. It's the closest I have come to Oneness and I'm still feeling it today. Im humbled and truly grateful Vaz - thank you xxx

— Claire, London, Divine I AM Participant

Want to learn how to channel transmissions yourself?

Anyone can, from any experience, at any level. If you are drawn to learning it, you are ready


"As a healer and spiritual teacher I’ve been running meditations and healing session for a while. I attended Vaz’s Transmission Practitioner Training expecting to add another tool to my healing toolbox. What I found was that what I learned on the two days course has added a whole new dimension and ramped up the power for all the work that I do. It’s a very special energy activational and healing technique.


In the workshop, Vaz  took a lot of time to explain the fundamentals of the work and guide us through the various stages. He showed us how we could use transmissions but also gave us leeway to use it in the best way we can to integrate it into our own work, that way I know I can use transmissions and change the way I channel it depending on the clients, the intention and the current energy climate, it’s remarkably flexible which makes it that much more powerful. His teachings were very clear and delivered with love for the work and for our betterment.


We received some amazing transmissions ourselves while we attuned ourselves to the energies. If you can imagine a room full of healers all connecting and working with these energies, if you can imagine your mind and energy being blown away you might be getting an idea of where we were. This is exceptional work and I feel very privileged to have had the chance to experience and use it in my work"

- Himesh Gohil, Spiritual Healer & Coach